Breezy Acres Farm

Our 210 acre farm is nestled in the hills of Montgomery, Vermont owned by Mark and Wendy Brouillette. Mark is a fourth generation dairy farmer, with Breezy Acres his Great Grandfather's farm. Over the last decade we have transitioned from milking and raising high quality Jerseys to raising Hereford beef cattle and different pig breeds for beef and pork sales. In March, 2020, we hit our 6th year of retail sales with our pork and beef cuts by the pound for consumers wanting to know where their proteins come from, how they lived, and how they were raised. We take pride in making sure our animals enjoy their life, and are happy and healthy. Our animals are born and raised here on the farm, start to finish, and we do not import here. Our beef is grass fed and allowed 24/7 pasture and outside access. Calves stay with their mom's until 8 to 10 months of age, then weaned, kept in the herd situation until butchering age of 18-24 months. Our pigs consist of several breeds, resulting in a fast growing, sturdy pig. Our pigs are well, allowed to be pigs! It's not uncommon to be see pigs of all ages out in the fields enjoying the sun, mud, rooting, and grazing. You may even see little ones with them running around. We do not use farrowing crates with our sows so they are free to move around with them.